The Doubled-edged Sword of AI

This session of our EC&I 830 was a really shocking and eye-opening session for me. I have learnt so

many new things in just a few minutes. Dr. Alec Couros, our professor, talked about AI (Artificial

Intelligence) and its usages in education.  Chat GPT  is a recent bot launched in 2022. It is capable of

generating human-like texts, debates or even papers! It seemed incredible to me. How far is technology

going on??? Is it going to replace many people and resources? What I did since our last week class was

just giving various prompt to Chat GPT to check if it could provide answers for various topics? And to my

surprise, it succeeded.



However, some are against AI because using it cannot lead to any new productions or creations but just

copying the others. The term “AIgiarism” is coined from “AI” and “Plagiarism” which is a concern for

some scholars as cited by Jeffrey Brainard (2023) . However, Detect GPT is what is designed to scan the

content of the webpage you are viewing and analyze it to identify if any of the content has been

generated using the GPT language model.



Adding to my wonder about Chat GPT and its qualifications, other bots were introduced which can

generate realistic or cartoon photos as you wish! Examples of such bots are DALLE-2 and PlaygroundAI.

For instance DALLE-2 can generate realistic photos of whatever you order. Here are some sample

productions of DALLE-2 being asked to create an image of a unicorn knitting a

sweater floating on a cloud.



But don’t forget to give them a try and enjoy the “Alice in wonderland”– like world of AI.


I do not know whether my lack of knowledge about these technologies was due to my personal

technology gap or the restrictions in my country as a developing country. Anyway, I am really glad to

become aware of such facilities in my life although I do not know if in future, I am going to be addicted

to AI or avoid it as it never existed.

What sort of AI are you familiar with???

Let’s learn more from each other.


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