Social Media is Ruining Childhood

Is Social Media Ruining childhood?  Our Debaters of the topic did an amazing job at proving their points.   In the Pre-Vote prior to the debate, the majority of our classmates agreed that Social Media is ruining childhood.  At the conclusion of the debate, our Post-Vote showed that our Debaters manage to change some minds.  While the side that Social Media is ruining childhood still won, the vote was much closer than our Pre-Votes.

Where am I on the topic?

Well this is a good question.  I will say that after last weeks debate,  I’ve had time to think and read the articles, I still feel I am on the fence of this topic.  I had a really difficult time deciding which side I agree with.  In the beginning, I agreed that yes, Social Media is ruining childhood.  At the end of class, I completely agreed with both sides of the argument.  I agree that social media has caused a lot of harm to todays kids, but I also agree that there has been some benefits for them as well.

Looking at both sides of the argument

While I was preparing this post I came across a blog by Sana Hussain titled “Is Social  Media Ruining Kids’ childhoods?”  She reflects on her upbringing of growing up living in the present experiencing, and learning through sports, attending camps, and playing board games, all of these things are apart of the person she is today.  It makes her sad as she watches her younger siblings scroll through their phones or devices missing out on the world around them, living in the present.  I sometimes feel her pain as I watch my young niece and nephew who spend a lot of time on their devices.  The one that completely kills me is the youTube channels they watch – kids playing (or reviewing) with toys – instead of playing with the toys themselves!

While I agree too much time on social media can make your brain sometimes turn to mush, don’t get me wrong I’m just as guilty of falling into the mindless scrolling trap. I do see the benefits of social media.  Social media can be a positive outlet for kids today.  We see kids using it to promote their stand on important social justice issues.  It is their way to get their voices heard when they feel no one else is listening.  Social media doesn’t always have to bear the negativity we see and hear about today.   We have seen and hear stories of students taking the time to teach the elderly how to use social media.  In 2016, Max Rosenblum a teenager in Florida created a technology school for the elderly.  When you hear of stories like this, they can truly warm your heart as it does demonstrate the good that can come from the use of technology, it is a way to connect young and old.

2 thoughts on “Social Media is Ruining Childhood

  1. Hi Jacquie, great post! I appreciate how you explained both sides of the argument. I feel as you do and go back and forth in trying to decide. At the end of the day, it comes down to how social media is used; the intentional choice made by the user. I think this is why kids sometimes use social media the wrong way and the adult in their life says, “You posted what????!!!” Their brains are not developed fully and they can’t see the consequence of their actions.

  2. I can appreciate your fence sitting Jacquie, as a debater on the topic, I actually voted against myself in the end (shhhh). Being present is so important, yet in an effort to keep up with their peers, young people are seemingly more concerned with their online presence. Not all, but many.

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