An Introduction


Hello everyone! My name is Jashandeep Kaur. I am an international student enrolled in Master of Education Teaching, Learning and Leadership. This is my first semester in University of Regina and I am currently experiencing many things in this multi-cultural nation. I basically belong to Punjab, India. As per my pervious education, I have done Bachelor of Education and Master of Arts in English. I have four years of experience working as an assistant professor in different Indian colleges. When I was younger, I had a lifelong desire of becoming a teacher. I’ve always had my father’s encouragement to pursue my dreams. When I was a child, I recall playing the role of a teacher after returning from school, and my father was always willing to provide me with the necessary items, such as a chalkboard, table, and chairs. Every time I think back on those times in my life, I am overcome with emotion, and it is thanks to those times that I am here today, pursuing my ambition among such incredible and wonderful individuals. My own family and my teachers served as the inspiration that brought me here. They always have my gratitude. In addition, I hope to work as a teacher who encourages pupils in a variety of ways. I would like to share my experiences with you all, and I’ll be learning a lot from you as well as your experiences.

If I talk about online and blended learning, I don’t have a lot of expertise with it based on my previous educational and teaching experiences. During the Pandemic, we all had experience with online learning but mine lasted only for four months. I was teaching in a college during that time and we had to attend classes using online applications like Zoom, Google Classroom and Moodle. Since I used to teach language and didn’t use any technology in my classes, this is a challenging situation for both me and my pupils. As a teacher it was my responsibility to acquaint my students with the web tools. Therefore, I had to learn how to use technology first before guiding my students. But after a few days, we all became accustomed to it, and the entire learning process became really simple and interesting. Even though there were no face-to-face interactions, I was pleased that everyone was giving it their all.  Although the Indian curriculum is theory-based, the pupils’ engagement in the new material was astounding. This, however, was entirely online learning; if I have to discuss blended learning in face-to-face instruction, pupils would greatly benefit from the teacher’s ability to present a variety of online resources, including videos, blogs, links, photographs, and much more. Independent exploration is another option for students. Because everyone is familiar with technology in this modern age, learning can be made simple by using blended learning. You may learn things easily with the aid of your gadgets. Overall, learning can be applied most effectively online or through a blended approach that combines traditional and modern teaching techniques and allows students to stay connected in both ways.

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