Hey, It’s a Wrap!


We’re thrilled to have completed our first ED tech class and are overjoyed with our
progress! Initially, we felt quite intimidated by the course’s requirements, from creating a
blog on WordPress to producing a summary video using Canva. It was a
wild ride, and we recall spending countless hours watching YouTube tutorials to keep up
with the curriculum. Looking back, we can see a significant transformation in ourselves, as
we’ve better understood various platforms and tools. This course has also
altered our perspective on online-blended learning. We owe a debt of gratitude to our
professors and peers who guided us every step of the way by sharing their experiences,
suggestions, and blog posts. Thanks, everyone, and all the best for your further future.

Enjoy our video.!



4 Replies to “Hey, It’s a Wrap!”

  1. The visual effects are excellent! The explanation of Blended Learning and what was learned in the class is well discussed.

  2. Hey Jashandeep! I really enjoyed your summary of learning. The animations used and the narration was up to the mark. It is really nice to see how excellently you two collaborated throughout the process. Keep up the good work!

  3. Great job both of you. I really enjoyed the presentation and visuals you used! I also agree, Google Classroom is so user friendly.

  4. Great job jashan , I really like your summary of learning. I also used Google classroom and I think it is best and easiest way to teach the students because Google classroom have many features. Moreover you explained everything in your summary and I like you arrange everything in a proper way

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