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While browsing through different social media platforms, I came across numerous ideas for creating diverse embroidery patterns. The tools I’ve been using for my project include Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. YouTube, in particular, has been the most effective platform for learning new stitches. It offers a wide range of videos from various instructors, allowing me to choose the ones that suit me best. I’ve noticed that certain stitches are easier to grasp in specific videos compared to others. Overall, YouTube has become my go-to source for learning. 

The channels I follow on YouTube for this skill are: 






 At this point, I’ve learned the basic stitches and have started creating small items with the help of the instructional videos. I gather inspiration from Pinterest, selecting patterns and designs to incorporate into my own creations. Now, I’d like to showcase what I’ve made using images sourced from Pinterest and skills acquired through YouTube.

I have made this one with the help of colorful thread and this is a split stitch. This is made on a top.

Just explored the other stitches as well. Haven’t made anything of it just explored it on a piece of cloth. There are two stitches – French knot and lazy – daisy.



This learning process is immensely captivating, although it does require a significant amount of time. Nonetheless, I’m delighted because I’m finally acquiring a skill I’ve wanted to learn for many years. I’m eagerly looking forward to learning more stitches, trying to make new things or patterns out of it and making time for further development. 


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  1. These are beautiful Jashandeep! I admire your choice to take on this, like you mentioned, extremely time consuming task. I think it’s paying off and you are creating some very lovely pieces!

  2. These look lovely so far, Jashandeep! My colleague does cross stitch and embroidery, and I think it’s such a beautiful form of art that shows so much care, because it is incredibly time consuming! Wishing you all the best as you continue your learning project!

  3. Jashandeep, thanks for sharing the resources — literally! We are starting a short arts unit where kids sew and embroider, and I will definitely share these resources with the class! Have you noticed certain videos are better than others in terms of structure or usefulness? I am finding that I really have to comb through videos to find quality digital content that is useful to my project.

  4. Jashandeep you are doing a wonderful job. I found some patterns on Amazon and some washable fabric that you can draw a design onto and then put it onto your fabric and do your stitching when you are done you wash it and this comes off but it helps in holding your work in place.

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