Embroidery Unleashed: Exploring the World of Stitches on Social Media


My embroidery project is progressing splendidly, and with each passing day, I delve deeper into it. Currently, I am engrossed in searching for embroidery-related content on my social media platforms. My YouTube homepage and Instagram feed are filled with videos, reels, and images all centered around embroidery. The convenience of finding ideas on social media platforms is something I greatly appreciate. In today’s world, you no longer need to go anywhere; a single search is sufficient to get a plethora of creative ideas. 

Instagram pages I follow to get ideas or to learn something new every day –  







Pinterest, in particular, is an excellent platform for learning anything. I come across numerous ideas daily, and I eagerly save them. I have created several Pinterest boards to gather ideas that I hope to execute in the future. I am getting lot of notifications from Pinterest, constantly appearing on my home screen. Opening these notifications promptly has become a habit, as I believe it’s something that happens to everyone when they are immersed in the process of learning something new. 


Having already acquired proficiency in various stitches I am now in the process of creation. Utilizing the learned stitches, I have attempted to craft different shapes and patterns. As a new learner, I still draw inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. Here are the creations I have made in the past week with the help of above shown pictures –



                                                                     Made this eye-glass cover with chain stitch.         

                                                                                                     In process – stitches i am using to complete it are – French knot, Fern stitch and chain stitch.                                           

I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming week, excited to learn and create more intricate patterns and shapes. You are more than welcome to give me ideas on my learning process. Thank you for taking the time to read about my progress and view my creations. 




2 Replies to “Embroidery Unleashed: Exploring the World of Stitches on Social Media”

  1. This. Is. BEAUTIFUL! I am loving following your journey! Wow, you have done some amazing work so far! I also love using Pinterest as a springboard to other sites and content.

  2. Thanks for your kind words Roxanne. Yes, Pinterest is an amazing tool to learn a new skill. There are so many ideas that sometimes I get confused, which one to pick..haha..but it’s really a good tool for learning.

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