About me

I am Jean Paul Kamdem, born and raised in Cameroon, Central Africa. I also lived in Brazil for 10 years before coming to Canada where I am currently completing at the University of Regina, the pre-requisite to be qualified as a certified teacher in Saskatchewan. I have some teaching experiences from the Regional University of Cariri, Brazil, and I love teaching biology and chemistry because I enjoy the application of logical thinking, as a tool for exploring and satisfying the curiosity of students about the world around us.  

Teacher and research scientist

I love to see at the end of my lesson how students can connect new knowledge with knowledge and concepts that they already know. I have limited experience with educational technology, and I think that this course will impact my way to teach. I think that blogging is another way to pass information that people may like or not. It generates obsession like wanting the maximum number of likes on Twitter. I like to exercise every time that the weather is favorable.

My vision as a future teacher is to develop an inclusive classroom atmosphere and to create a collaborative learning environment in our increasingly racially, ethnically, religiously, and linguistically diverse schools. I invited you to follow me on my Twitter at https://twitter.com/jpkamdem2022.