Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching is centered on the lecture-discussion and discovery. I always enjoy teaching Science, including Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics because I enjoy the application of logical thinking, as a tool for exploring and satisfying the curiosity of students about the world around us. My primary role as a teacher is to utilize flexible teaching strategies, rather than strict adherence to a particular teaching style. Since students’ interest can be different from mine, I always try to know their background at the beginning of the lecture, to adjust my instruction to match the abilities and preexisting knowledge that each student brings to the classroom.

I always encourage students to ask and answer questions. I encourage students to work and discuss together on real-world problems and projects that force them to confront and resolve the gaps in their understanding of theoretical concepts. This activity aims to develop in students’ the ability to work in a team-oriented environment, and aid in the understanding of concepts covered in the classroom. I also integrate many visual aids in the classroom to explain basic concepts.

Laboratory research also provides the opportunity to develop skills associated with independent learning such as, reading the literature, evaluating data and concepts, synthesizing conclusions, and logical thinking associated with troubleshooting. However, in most laboratory classes, students carry out laboratory activities by following step by step directions printed in the lab manual. Students do not experience the joy of discovery since every step of the experiment, including expected results, is
explicitly stated, requiring little creative thought. In my lab classroom, students perform data analyses by working in small groups.

I try as close to an independent research environment as possible for students by carrying out complete research projects for them and allowing appropriate amounts of time and space to learn from their mistakes.

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