My initial reactions to Chat GPT and the overnight boom of AI was intially deep apprehension. I thought this is it the end is near. What will happen to future generations? However, I saw this post about Chat GPT on TikTok and it gives an interesting perspective on how AI and how, if regulated properly, it can take over repetive tasks and actually give us as a soceity more time to be creative and innovative.


ChatGPT + 3D printing will create a new era of expressive home DIYers, architects, mechanics, and designers in ways we haven’t seen since the Renaissance. #chatgpt #ai #airevolution #newera #newtechnology #3dprinting

♬ Aesthetic – Gaspar

My fears though are that regulation will be tricky. I also worry that if it becomes an application for profit it will create futher of a disparity between those that have access and those that don’t. I also worry that we will be come overly dependent on it. Today in class Dr. Couros introduced me to a more visual AI tools that I wasn’t aware of! While it seems cool and can offer like one classmate sad VA (visual adaptions) it also creates questions about  ethical rights to the privacy of artists. As many of these images are being taken from images all over the web that may or may not be open sourced (open to the public for use).

Here are some of my creations with



This site is INSANE! I created a presentation of the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the stanley cup this year. The results are pretty funny.


I created a similiar prompt with Dall-E2


It’s definitely interesting what is possible with AI right now in the early stages of development. I’m curious to see how it all evolves.