In this week’s debate we got to hear from the talented groups: Valeska & Bart versus Brendon & Brittany. The topic was Is Social Media Ruining Childhood. This was a tough one, as I can see both sides; however, I firmly began the debate with the affirmative belief that yes, social media is in fact ruining childhood. Mainly due to the fact that it takes away from being in the land and nature, as well as adds layers of worry and social concern for clout and likes leading children away from a care-free way of being. Below are the points and overview of each side and my final thoughts.

Affirmative: Valeska & Bart

Opening statement video

Valeska and Bart provided us with an ariticle by Freya India from Evie Magazine. “Social Media is Destroying an Entire Generation of Kids”  This article discusses the negative impact of social media on the mental health and well-being of an entire generation of kids. The author points out that social media has become an essential part of children’s lives, but it is also causing anxiety, depression, and loneliness. India, delves into the addictive nature of social media and how it can lead to negative behavior such as cyberbullying and online harassment. Ultimately, arguing (and I couldn’t agree more) that social media companies should take more responsibility for the impact of their platforms on children and work to create safer online environments. Considering that social media is destroying an entire generation of kids by causing significant harm to their mental health, socialization, and behavior.

Opposition: Brendon & Brittany

Opening statement video:


Brendon and Brittany shared an interesting Ted Talk by Eva Amin, titled: Social Media isn’t bad: you’re just using it wrong

The talk explores the negative reputation social media has garnered, and how it is often blamed for a number of different issues. She argues that social media itself is not the problem, and can be used to “support personal fulfillment and professional success – if used judiciously.” She then presents a number of guidelines that she believes would be beneficial to teach young people as they begin to use social media, and outlines how it can be a helpful, and even inspiring, tool. Her video sheds light on the fact that any tool or item can be harmful if it’s not used for it’s intended effect or within the recommended parameters. For example, Draino is great to unclog your sink, but it’s not safe to digest!

Final Thoughts

Both groups had balanced arguments! I appreciate the perspective that Brendon and Brittany brought to the table. While they didn’t convince me to fully change my mind they for sure helped me to see the other side and effectively unpacked some false assumptions I had.