Here is a list of some of the goals I want to accomplish that will help me be successful in my education and as a future educator.

Goal: To be less shy

How I will accomplish it: Next semester, initiate conversations with other people in my class instead of waiting for someone else to initiate conversation

Goal: To have assignments done a week before they are due

How I will accomplish it: At the beginning of next semester, I can write down on my calendar the days I will work on the assignment.

Goal: Not get distracted when doing homework or textbook readings

How I will accomplish it: I will find a quiet place to work with no distractions (such as the University of Regina Library) and I will put my cell phone away. I will schedule mental breaks every hour where I can play on my phone for 10-15 minutes and then put it away and go back to work.

Goal:  Become more familiar with technology

How I will accomplish it: If a teacher gives an option on an assignment such as write an essay or create another representation of the assignment, I will not pick the essay. I will only pick the essay option if I am unable to brainstorm any other possible ideas.

Goal: Stay positive during the semester

How I will accomplish it: If I am feeling overwhelmed, I will try to find a good book to read (not a textbook), go to the gym, or grab my camera and go take pictures around the city. These would help me feel less stressed as they are a few of my favourite activities to do and will make me less negative throughout the semester.

This is one of my all-time favourite photos. It is also very special to me because it is of my parents.

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