I BELEIVE… children are competent.

I BELEIVE…children are capable of taking initiative in their personal learning experiences.

I BELIEVE…a teacher’s role in working with children is best described as a facilitator and guide for authentic learning experiences.

I BELEIVE…that a teacher’s role in working with families is best described as being a partner in supporting the child.

I BELIEVE… that education serves as the building blocks for society.

I BELIEVE… that education should be equitable and attainable.

I BELIEVE… in student centered education.

I BELIEVE… that each students individuality is an important component of their education and should be used to help achieve educational outcomes.

I BELIEVE… that education is essential to individual and societal growth.

I BELIEVE… in experiential learning.

I BELIEVE… in building meaningful relationships with students.

I BELIEVE… in embracing personal growth.

I BELIEVE… that building a classroom community is essential to developing an effective learning environment.

I BELIEVE… that teacher’s have a responsibility to be advocates of social justice and have the responsibility to educate others on social justice issues.

I BELIEVE… that reconciliation should be a key focus in education.

I BELIEVE… that reconciliation is attainable through commitment and cooperation.

I BELIEVE… in the meaning of Treaty and honoring Treaties.