A Little About Me

Hello, my name is Julie Findura (she/her), I am in Pre-K – 5 Education at the University of Regina. I was born in Regina and grew up here all my life. I am a generational white settler and I am very lucky to be living, working and learning on Treaty 4 Territory.

To me, being a teacher is more than just teaching a subject and grading students. It is building relationships, expanding young minds and encouraging growth in so many different ways. I want to be a teacher because I adore the innocent nature of children, I value their raw imaginations and expanding minds. I want to create an inclusive classroom that not only allows children to feel comfortable within themselves but one where they can begin to understand and accept differences. I view education from multiple lenses, I view learning in a way that is not only retaining information but understanding the lessons being taught in order to better that individuals future. I accept that learning can be understood in a multitude of ways such as cooperative work, independent work, hands on, experimental, art infused and through multi-disciplinary ways. I want to promote learning in all of these different areas and provide a classroom that is wholesome and reflects all learners.

I think Treaty education, Indigenous education, diversity and gender diversity are very important when it comes to the classroom. I want to create an environment that represents all of my students. I think the best way to achieve reconciliation is through education. Acknowledging, teaching and learning about Indigenous history is a step we can take with students at a young age that can change or disrupt oppressive ideas students may have.

Here is a link to my mapping introduction