References and Resources

Websites/Online Learning

  • CBC Diversity is a website that offers literacy choices that pertain to diverse books.
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  • Teachers pay Teachers is an excellent way to provide & receive support from other teachers through lesson plans and activity sheets.
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  • The Resilience Kit offers engaging activities to learn resilience when it comes to a differing learning style. The kit also offers parent and teacher printable handouts.
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  • – This is a website that provides assistance when it comes to letters, sounds and sentences. It provides reading options for Pre-K and up as well as games that will assist phonics and reading.
  • This is a resource for autism. The websites is available to the public with the hopes to create autism awareness education.
  • Saskatchewan Teachers Federation is a website that “embrace[s] and promote[s] a holistic vision of teaching and learning by offering a wide variety of programs, services and resources that support and address teachers’ professional learning, economic and personal well-being, and the diverse issues affecting student and teacher success”(“Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation”, 2020).
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  • STEPS Professional Resources offers downloadable professional resources in the areas of Literacy and Math.
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Curriculum Documents

Saskatchewan Reads is a document that connects to the curriculum through English Language Arts grade 1, 2, and 3. It is based on sound research, specifically focused on reading, with a focus on instructional approaches, assessment and intervention.

Powerful Instructional Approaches is a document that outlines four instruction principles that are still used in the classroom today. This document is an aid when it comes to utilizing Instructional approaches in the classroom. It also assists when curriculum planning.