Becoming a Teacher

As a teacher, you’re held in this viewpoint of power. Society anticipates certain expectations from teachers inside as well as outside of the classroom. With this being said, representation from the way we dress to the way we act as professionals is under constant speculation from the world around us. Teachers are leaders of young and impressionable minds, and being aware of such power is a great reminder for teachers to always be held to a higher standard of professionalism. Being able to create and showcase stable relationships with colleagues, students, parents and the community is a vital part of this job. I believe there is a fine line between being a teacher 24/7 and also being your own individual self. The world doesn’t need more cookie cutter teachers but teachers that take into consideration their own outlook on life and how it translates positively to their students. Making the teacher seem less of someone that isn’t relatable too but more of someone they can communicate too.

Being able to create these relationships with your students aids in the overall wellbeing of the children in your classroom. Students will then feel heard, feel valued and feel respected. All things vital in creating a space children want to learn in, want to come to class and listen, as well as participate. Being able to do this job is such a privilege and should not be taken lightly, you’re in charge of young impressional minds and the way you act towards them will in-fact affect the course of their life. As a future educator I am excited for the future generations that I have a chance to positively impact.