Field Blog Posts

Week 1

This week I had the opportunity to be placed in a grade 1 classroom. During this time, I had the opportunity to see how two different teachers approach creating a positive environment for students to learn in. During this time, I was able to see some differences between the two teaching styles as well as some similarities. I was able to see a range of different skill sets, and how they were codependent upon one another in the learning environment.

Week 2 

This week I was placed in a 6/7 split with a very interesting design layout. This room was designed with open concept in mind. Due to the fact this room was so unique it allowed for the children to physically spread out and find their own work spot during their independent work to a place of their choice which I thought was really interesting as they seemed to really be in their own little bubbles while doing so even with all the extra movement going around.

Week 3

With it being a younger group of children their approach to bringing in Indigenous awareness was by books as well as art projects. The morning I was there they started reading the book called Traplines. Which was a very interesting book that also allowed for traditional Cree words to be included throughout so that both students and teacher were able to introduce themselves to the Cree language. Having this approach lead for students to then engage themselves in conversations and questions at the end of the book. Later on, in the morning students then went on to do their art project which was drawing a landscape in a traditional manner. This is where the teacher then showed students different options in how to do this and how to do so in a respectful manner towards the Indigenous culture and the artwork itself.

Week 4

This room is full of diversities ranging from cultural to just simply diversities in learning. Cultural diversities throughout this room was very interesting to see. During their “bell work” time, this was a time where she’d go around the classroom and ask students very specific questions that you could tell were based off this relationship they’ve created.