Starting my “Pottery” Experience

For my learning project, I have decided that I am going to be learning the skills to create air dry clay art. I have always wanted to try actual pottery, but before investing in taking classes I figured I would dip my toe in the water with air dry clay. What a perfect time to do so!

I have always been interested in pottery. One of my neighbours growing up was a full time artist. She specializes in realism painting, but she also had a room in her house dedicated to her pottery creations. I remember the first time she showed me this room, I immediately wanted my turn with the pottery wheel, but after watching Monnel get a clump of clay started on the wheel I felt too intimidated to try. I loved listening to her share her stories with some pieces she created, how difficult or easy the process was, what inspired her, and so on. 15 years later I am finally taking the time to see if this would be something I would enjoy!

This is a screenshot of a post from a Facebook page that features the artist I spoke of. Monnel is extremely talented!

I have the absolute bare minimum experience when it comes to working with working with clay, so I am going to be starting at the basics before I attempt to make a project. I have created a checklist of the skills I need to learn, as well as supplies I will need to create.

Checklist of Supplies:

  • Air dry clay
  • sculpting tools
  • “Mod-Podge” or sealant for preserving
  • food colouring or clay dye to add colours

Checklist of Skills/Techniques:

  • basic shaping techniques
  • proper kneading and handling
  • joining pieces together
  • smoothing
  • adding details and texture
  • proper drying/sealing

I plan to create small projects like jewellery dishes, small trays, etc. until I have the skills somewhat mastered. Once I have completed this, I want to try to create some sort of small sculpture or a vase perhaps, I just haven’t decided yet!

Looking forward to reading all your learning project posts!

Scroll, Click, Repeat: Technology and Me

For myself scrolling time is usually leisurely. Others in the class inspired me to look at my screen time report, it was terrifying. According to my phone, I spend about 6-7 hours on it daily. My most used apps are Tiktok, Snapchat, and YouTube Music. I do use my phone a lot to take notes for class. I find that usually when I get all settled to get some work done I usually forget to grab my laptop, so I just read Power-Points, notes, etc. on my phone.

I have tried using apps to help myself stay organized and on task, but I usually find that I forget that they exist, or I just end up deleting it. I have a Google phone, so Google Assistant is quite handy to remind me of appointments, bills, and other tedious things to remember. My tried and true method though is just a large desk calendar. It has been the only thing that really keeps me on track. I do use my notes app to keep track of due dates and such until I can write it on my calendar. If anyone has any suggestions for a great planner app that would be greatly appreciated!

TikTok is my biggest distraction, I sometimes catch myself scrolling for an hour or more straight when I definitely have other more important things to do. I find that if I “reward” myself with 15 minutes of mindless scrolling after I complete a task that helps. Sometimes, (more often than not) I get stuck “doom scrolling” and accidentally waste a good portion of time. I sometimes use the built in app locker on my phone, but then I will just disable it and continue scrolling. I have actually considered getting myself a phone jail, which is exactly what it sounds like. It seems extreme, but I truly think I would benefit from it.

Being honest, I am still trying to find that perfect balance of screen time. I think I have improved somewhat on staying focused when doing school work, but I would like to discover more strategies on how to improve my likeliness to be distracted.

Thanks for reading!


Just a Quick Hello!

Hi everyone!

My name is Kendra. I am originally from Carrot River but now reside in Moose Jaw with my boyfriend, Tyler, our dog, Lottie, and our cats Louie and Uzi. When I am not doing classwork, I am usually completing random little projects in our home or out exploring with Lottie. I am going into my third year of the Pre-K to 5 education program, but I first started attending U of R in 2016 enrolled in the pre-social work program. I realized that social work was not what I wanted to do, so I took a year off, and then completed a hairstyling program. I knew that I always wanted to work with children, and whenever I got to have a kid in my chair at school it always brightened my day. Flash forward, I am very happy that I made the decision to come back to the U of R and I cannot wait to begin my teaching career!

I created this e-portfolio in my first year and have not really done much with it since so I am excited to dive back into it! I am getting closer to the end of my program and I cannot wait to give my page a refresh as well as learn some new tips and tricks. As for my experience with educational technology, I really don’t have much. I am a fan of taking online classes and have taken quite a few, but other than I really don’t have much experience. Though I don’t know much about the topic I am eager to learn and excited to use my new skills in my future classroom! I also do not have much for blogging experience, but so far I don’t think I mind it too much. I really like that we are able to create and personalize a space for us to share our work as I think it makes homework more fun!

When trying to upload my photo found at the end of this post, I was having troubles getting it to the proper size to upload. If you use Google devices and are having the same issues I found thisĀ forum post to be quite helpful. The app, Snapseed, is free and really easy to use!

Looking forward to reading everyone’s posts,


My pets Uzi, Lottie, and Louie.