Starting my “Pottery” Experience

For my learning project, I have decided that I am going to be learning the skills to create air dry clay art. I have always wanted to try actual pottery, but before investing in taking classes I figured I would dip my toe in the water with air dry clay. What a perfect time to do so!

I have always been interested in pottery. One of my neighbours growing up was a full time artist. She specializes in realism painting, but she also had a room in her house dedicated to her pottery creations. I remember the first time she showed me this room, I immediately wanted my turn with the pottery wheel, but after watching Monnel get a clump of clay started on the wheel I felt too intimidated to try. I loved listening to her share her stories with some pieces she created, how difficult or easy the process was, what inspired her, and so on. 15 years later I am finally taking the time to see if this would be something I would enjoy!

This is a screenshot of a post from a Facebook page that features the artist I spoke of. Monnel is extremely talented!

I have the absolute bare minimum experience when it comes to working with working with clay, so I am going to be starting at the basics before I attempt to make a project. I have created a checklist of the skills I need to learn, as well as supplies I will need to create.

Checklist of Supplies:

  • Air dry clay
  • sculpting tools
  • “Mod-Podge” or sealant for preserving
  • food colouring or clay dye to add colours

Checklist of Skills/Techniques:

  • basic shaping techniques
  • proper kneading and handling
  • joining pieces together
  • smoothing
  • adding details and texture
  • proper drying/sealing

I plan to create small projects like jewellery dishes, small trays, etc. until I have the skills somewhat mastered. Once I have completed this, I want to try to create some sort of small sculpture or a vase perhaps, I just haven’t decided yet!

Looking forward to reading all your learning project posts!

2 thoughts on “Starting my “Pottery” Experience

  1. Hi Kendra,
    This is such a cool learning project! I have always been fascinated with pottery and have wanted to try it, but I have never had the opportunity. Maybe I will learn a few techniques from you and try my hand at pottery. I am excited to see your progress and completed pieces!

  2. Hi Kendra! Your blog is set up nicely and you have some great posts! You are missing a few posts, so make sure you get caught up when you have the chance! You are needing 2 updates on your learning project and 2 more assigned blog posts! Keep checking the Weekly Plans to stay up to date! Let me know if you need any help!! 🙂

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