I have learned quite a few things on my journey of learning to knit.

  1. You cannot just jump right into a project with no knowledge or skills – you will mess up a lot!!!
  2. You will mess up and have no idea how to fix it, but that is a part of the process of knitting.
  3. There are going to be some people that do it “their way” and their way will not always work for you or everyone else. It is important to do more research if you are struggling with a concept or skill – there is likely another way to do it.
  4. Using a variety of resources (internet wise and humans) is a great way to gain a variety of knowledge. My boyfriends grandma gave me tips and tricks that the internet couldn’t, and the internet set me up with the basic knowledge that I needed to keep going.
  5. I need to watch things 1000 times over before I attempt it for myself. I have always disliked the fact that I do not catch onto things very easily or quickly. My boyfriend can watch a video once and is able to do that thing immediately after watching it. I am not like that. I need to fully process something before I attempt it, and even then, I usually still don’t get it.
  6. There is way more to knitting than I ever thought! Who would have known that there are so many different types of stitching and there is so many different ways to cast on and off and omg its overwhelming what you can do with knitting.
  7. I now aspire to be a person who knits blankets for everyone now that I am a pro!!! But all of the blankets will need to be very easy and preferably using the purl stitch since I am the best at that.

In terms of learning online, I found that some of the skills to knit can be learned online. I also found that there are some things that I needed advice on or a direction to go that you wouldn’t always find online. Without the help of my boyfriends grandma, I do not think that I could have even finished my first knitting section!!!