When did screen time become a full time job?

When did screen time become a full time job?

In todays era, it is almost impossible to not be using technology. In our house hold we try not to use it too often. But of course I need my laptop for school and we love to watch TV.  I usually find myself using google/ google docs, instagram, facebook, messagener, pinterest, my kindle and snapchat. I find that some apps are towards my education and learning. I can find educational books on my kindle OR google is where I do all my work for school. Honeslty if google were to shut down I would be screwed. I love to use instagram to mindlessley scroll and I am a big texter. Now that I am on mat leave I am often talking with other moms or texting family. So I findClose up of woman holding coffee cup and using laptop I use texting and snapchat to keep in communication with the outside world and keep a little sane. I also use my down time while my daughter is napping to do phone time or computer time. I don’t want her to grow up in a world focusing on technology. I want her imagination to grow with her. There is time for technology… it isn’t when she is 7 months old.

The apps that I use to stay organized and productive are: google docs, google excel, google photos, hotmail for email. I like to have folders for everyting on my google docs. Then within each folder may be more folders and documents that are related to that over all topic. EX) Grade 4 may be the main topic, then within that folder there may be labelled folders or documents. It makes me feel like I am on top of things. I use the notes app on the desktop of the computer to add notes that help me remember due dates + class times. I also add my to do lists there. I use google calendar for dates and events as well. I am also a big notes app user on my phone. I also love to use pinterest boards to save my ideas and to have a space to leave my creativity! Here is a link to my ZOO THEME that I used to inspire me when I was teaching Pre-K.

Big distractions- Instragram reels (I actually deleted tik tok.. or tik tok would be my biggest distraction). Facebook. Snapchat. These are all apps that I mindlessly pick up and end up using time on… for what? I don’t know. I don’t have any techniques to get off my phone. I wish I did. I hate how much I am on it. I don’t mind my laptop or anyting I do on my computer– I have my school work and additional work on laptop. Then “playtime” or “communication” is on my phone. So I find that when I pick up my laptop I know its time to focus on my work… but then my phone calls my Mobile Phone prohibited. No cell phone sign. stock illustration.name… yikess.

Too be honest, if I could fix one thing about myself is how much I am on my phone. My screen time is usually under 4 hours. But I still want to cut it down. I am trying to be more mindful of why I am on my phone. Or if my daughter is awake I try and put my phone away. But it is actually so hard. I am completely additcted to it.



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