EDTC 300

All Wrapped Up

I will start by saying that this semester was a rough one. This semester I was unmotivated to complete school and home work but even with everything going on, I continued push myself into completing my tasks. With that being said, my contribution with this classes blogs to EDTC 300 was kind of a fun task which I enjoyed! I enjoyed reading and interacting with my classmates this semester and even though this class was delivered online, it still felt like a class community to me. I appreciated comments on my blog posts which inspired my to comment more on my classmates blogs commenting, giving feedback, asking questions and motivating!! Although I did not realize that we had to be signed in to post comments with my name, I still hope that my classmates got my comments. I am unfortunately unable to locate how to view my comments, I wish I would have signed my name on my comments to prove it was me but nonetheless here we are.

Now for Twitter… I am a bit shy to admit that my contribution on Twitter was lacking. I am not someone who is comfortable posting on public profiles let alone on Twitter, a site which I had not used before EDTC 300. I have always thought Twitter to be a negative and scary place as the topic of politics and power arise. In the first few months of this class I was super active on Twitter until a switch in me flipped and got uncomfortable posting and interacting on the site. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Twitter, it may just be that Twitter has something against me!!! In the following months as my contribution on Twitter fell so did my motivation to continue (I had even thought about dropping the class because of anxiety?).!! I was unfortunately not able to participate in a Sask Ed chat due to the fact I had to work Thursday evenings but I hope to find time in the new year to see what the Sask Ed chats are all about!

Will I continue to blog and use Twitter? Honestly, probably not but I am thankful for the opportunities to try new social media resources.


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  • Jasmine Hoff

    Hi Laura, I am sorry to hear that you had a rough semester and had little motivation. I also am a very anxious person, and anxiety can really suck some days! I hope next semester is better for you!

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