Educational Philosophies

Educational Philosophies: Education is a path that you can always learn from. Although being changed in the past and will certainly change in the future, education is something that everyone needs. We may view it differently with some enjoying it and others not so much. I have selected a series of quotes that connect to my beliefs. “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet” (Aristotle). I found that this quote really connected with me as I did have bumps in the road along the way. Not everyday will be a good one, even in school. The important part is the life and career we make from our education. As well as the joy along with it of meeting new people, making new friends and meeting goals you wanted to achieve. Another Quote that influenced me was “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” (Solomon Ortiz). Many of my teachers in both public and high school were a decided factor in my choice to pursue education as a life time career.

A journey can teach us lots about ourselves, the people we meet and experiences we have. This semester I learned more about myself then ever before. I knew I wanted to go into education but never really knew what I would experience once in. Throughout our series of lectures and smaller seminar groups the lessons we discussed and learned about help create my educational philosophies. Starting with the STF code of ethics and teacher professionalism, which is vital to uphold in our field placement experiences and knowing that as teacher the responsibility falls on you. Over years and throughout my ECS journey I will not only remember the code of ethics but make sure every day I uphold it to the best of my abilities.

Another form of education which I value that we learned about in class is inclusive education. Hearing the stories of Susy Yim and Kyla Christiansen about the issues arising towards teachers not being prepared to face the issues students say they are going through, for example being mocked about their sexuality or feeling ignored about a disability they have. I experienced this at a younger level due to the fact I have a learning disability. As an educator, I will make it my responsibility to honor the lessons I learned on how to deal with this and not hesitate to discuss with a student who is facing these issues. All these statements tie with a task assigned to us called our “I Believe…” statements.

These are my I Believe statements. I will continue to add to these over my pathway in education .

  • I believe in hands on learning
  • I believe every student should have the chance to learn in the way they do best
  • I believe in working together with students to help form new relationship
  • I believe in co-op discussions
  • I believe in learning from each others differences and lifestyles
  • I believe in observing different ways of teaching
  • I believe in story based learning
  • I believe in bringing awareness to reconciliation when no one else will
  • I believe in treaty learning and embracing different cultures
  • I believe in inclusive education
  • I believe in a duty to report issues for the betterment of the students
  • I believe in technology to benefit students with all the aspects of education
  • I believe in always learning on how to be a better teacher
  • I believe that education of the student always comes first
  • I believe that education is a journey

I know over time my educational philosophies may change and vary but I will always uphold what I was taught not only in the classroom but in my day to day life. I know by the time I finish my degree education will have changed in some form or an other but as a teacher it necessary to always learn new things.