Thoughts on Twitter

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After participating in my first ever twitter chat as a novice twitter user I have a fresh view of the many uses for social media platforms. Currently, I would consider myself an avid social media consumer. I am actively on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook. And while my screen time reflects frequent use, I would not consider myself a contributor to such platforms. It has been over two years since I have posted anything on either Instagram or Facebook and I have yet to post anything on Tik Tok. Instead, I utilize these platforms to consume content, stay connected, and mostly manage boredom. This is the same way I envision myself utilizing Twitter.

The SaskEdChat was an excellent way to get acquainted with the platform and force myself to get out of my comfort zone and post my first few tweets. While the twitter chat was a bit overwhelming, so many valuable opinions and perspectives were shared. Towards the end of the chat, I found myself falling into my old habits and being more of a consumer of information than a contributor. Regardless, I still feel as if it was an effective form of professional development! The twitter chat also confirmed how easily one can develop a diverse PLN on Twitter. Overall, I think Twitter is something that I will continue to use even after the conclusion of the EDTC300 course. I am unsure how I would potentially utilize Twitter in the classroom, however, I do feel that it provides many opportunities to stay connected with the happenings of the world.

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