Garden of Weedin’

It is officially week two of the EDTC300 learning projects, and my journey learning how to garden! The weather has been quite wet recently, which is awesome, but at the same time has delayed me getting into my garden. With that however, I have been able to spend even more time growing my knowledge, researching, and learning!

This week I have been utilizing online resources to grow my knowledge. The Almanac website has definitely been the most helpful resource I have stumbled upon thus far. This website has an entire gardening section which outlines a planting calendar, frost dates, growing guides, pests & diseases, garden tips by month, and general gardening advice. All of the resources are quite thorough and provide information that is location and climate specific. This webpage even goes into depth on how to plant the seeds, the recommended varieties, how the plant grows, how to harvest, how to store the vegetable, and even how to cook the vegetables. I’ll break down some of the key things I have learned thus far:

  • Location of the garden is important! Luckily my garden plot was already established in a spot that gets lots of sun and limited wind. With that said, the plot is quite large, so when it comes time to plant I likely will not utilize the whole space…. leaving room to grow! Maybe in future years I will brave planting the entire garden, but for my first planting season, I want to keep things manageable.
  • The top 10 easiest vegetables to grow are: lettuce, green beans, radishes, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, beets, carrots, spinach, and peas. Luckily, all of the seeds I have purchased are in this list!
  • When it comes time to plant, it is important to leave paths every four feet or so that allow access to the plants to weed and harvest. This is definitely something I will be keeping in mind when it comes time to plant.
  • Other things that I have been learning, but won’t get into the full details here, are how to prepare and improve soil quality for planting. I have already weeded and rototilled my garden which helps, but it is suggested to keep an eye on the soil pH, which directly impacts nutrition and soil fertility.

My goals moving forward are to officially get my garden planted! The soil is still quite damp and too wet to plant the seeds. And unfortunately, looking at the upcoming weather forecast, I don’t think I will get to planting this upcoming weekend. As soon as the soil is ready for planting though, I am planning on rototilling it once more to stir up the dirt and then top-dress it with compost or well-rotted manure and get to work!

The Almanac Website’s Growing Guides

Thoughts on Twitter

After participating in my first ever twitter chat as a novice twitter user I have a fresh view of the many uses for social media platforms. Currently, I would consider myself an avid social media consumer. I am actively on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook. And while my screen time reflects frequent use, I would not consider myself a contributor to such platforms. It has been over two years since I have posted anything on either Instagram or Facebook and I have yet to post anything on Tik Tok. Instead, I utilize these platforms to consume content, stay connected, and mostly manage boredom. This is the same way I envision myself utilizing Twitter.

The SaskEdChat was an excellent way to get acquainted with the platform and force myself to get out of my comfort zone and post my first few tweets. While the twitter chat was a bit overwhelming, so many valuable opinions and perspectives were shared. Towards the end of the chat, I found myself falling into my old habits and being more of a consumer of information than a contributor. Regardless, I still feel as if it was an effective form of professional development! The twitter chat also confirmed how easily one can develop a diverse PLN on Twitter. Overall, I think Twitter is something that I will continue to use even after the conclusion of the EDTC300 course. I am unsure how I would potentially utilize Twitter in the classroom, however, I do feel that it provides many opportunities to stay connected with the happenings of the world.

To Grow or Not to Grow

Over the course of this spring semester, I am going to be attempting to grow my personal knowledge about gardening. This past winter I moved into my house which came with a large garden plot in the backyard. While excited that I may be able to attempt to grow some fresh produce, I knew that it would require a lot of knowledge… knowledge that I currently lack.

Growing up my mom always had a big garden full of flowers, vegetables, and fruit. On our family acreage, my grandma basically had her own grocery store worth of produce due to her enormous garden. There was nothing better than eating peas or carrots fresh from the ground! Previously, I have only ever been a consumer of the produce grown, and never had an impact on the process of growth. I am excited to change that!

As I’ve gotten older my interest in plants has begun to grow. I have a collection of indoor plants, which I have been partially successful at keeping alive. Unfortunately, I have been known to kill an indoor plant or two…oops! Therefore, I feel like a garden is a natural progression from indoor plants, which is why I am excited to put energy into learning all I can about gardening! Currently, I know that plants need water, soil, and sun to grow; and that is essentially where my knowledge ends. Luckily, with the use of technology information is at our fingertips. Social media applications are full of groups, users, and individuals sharing their knowledge on countless areas of expertise. I personally am planning on utilizing Tik Tok, YouTube, Google, and Facebook for my research. This specific Facebook group is Saskatchewan specific so I am hopeful it will have location specific tips and tricks. #Gardening on both Instagram and Tik Tok also produce endless informative content. YouTube videos such as this Gardening 101 video discuss how to start a garden for beginners. In addition to technology, I will also be supplementing my learning with face-to-face resources. Both my mom and grandma are encyclopedias when it comes to gardening!

In preparation for this learning project, I have already bought the seeds of the veggies I would like to grow and I have also rototilled my garden. At the recommendation of many, I have also already started my tomato and pepper seeds by planting them in soil indoors to ensure they have enough time to grow. However, they have not yet sprouted which makes me believe I may be better off purchasing a tomato plant and pepper plant that have already developed. My next steps for this learning project include educating myself on the sun and water requirements for each plant, learning when and how to best plant the seeds, and perhaps buying some plants that have already been established and will only need to be transplanted into my garden.  

Stay tuned for both my own and my plants growth over the next few weeks!

Welcome to my Blog!

Hey everyone, my name is Meagan and I am currently a student at the University of Regina working towards obtaining my Bachelors of Education! I am enrolled in the BEAD – middle years’ program and am finishing up my last few classes this spring/summer before I complete my internship this fall.

This bog is going to give you a glimpse into my learning journey throughout EDTC 300: Introduction to Educational Technology and Media. Although I am quite comfortable and familiar with technology, blogging and educational technology is quite new to me. Sharing my experiences on such a public forum will definitely be interesting, however, I am excited to put my learnings into practice and become more proficient.  

I believe EDTC 300 is an extremely relevant class as the entirety of my education degree has been completed online. Virtual learning has been great, but I often find that connection with others can sometimes be lacking. I am eager to learn how technology can be used as a means to foster such connection instead of preventing it!

I have much to learn but am excited to document this journey here on my blog as well as over on my Twitter. Follow along for updates!