I believe that being part of a team and working cooperatively are important qualities to have. Through collaboration, we can share ideas, build upon the ideas of others, and expand our own ideas. As Hellen Keller stated, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

I believe in CREATIVITY

All students all have unique talents and are capable of creating. No matter what subject area, I believe that creativity can be incorporated. When students are given the opportunity to be creative, they are encouraged to explore new ideas, discover new ways of thinking, and express themselves and their learning in unique ways.

I believe in DIVERSITY

It is my role to ensure a professional, educational, safe, caring, and loving environment for my students. Every child is unique and they all grow, learn, and develop in different ways. They all have their own needs and come from a variety of backgrounds; including different cultures with different beliefs and values, as well as different abilities and learning styles. Each student also has their own personality and interests. With that, not only am I there to teach students, I would also like to learn more from each of them.


It is important to know and respect our students, as well as promote positive learning and set a strong foundation for lifelong learning. In the classroom, students are not only learning from the curriculum, they are also learning from what we display as educators. I believe that if we demonstrate positive behaviour, manners, passion, empathy, enthusiasm towards learning, and respect, our students will emanate the same behaviour and come to school eager to learn.


In order to be successful in my career, I must continue to improve my qualifications and skills as a life-long learner, as well as continue to love what I do. I believe that life-long learning will allow for me to provide a better learning environment for my students, as well as improve and build upon my understanding of my role as an educator.