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“Are we teachers 24/7? What does it mean to be professional?”

As teachers, we have a responsibility of guiding the students to not only excel academically but to develop a positive self identity. To achieve this. teachers must connect and understand to help students whether in class or outside of class time. A teacher is a figure the students rely and look up to, thus making us teachers 24/7.

Teachers are often the first adult figure children encounter aside from parents/guardians. Teachers are expected to behave in a professional behavior in and outside of school. To be a professional means to have dignity while maintaining professional standards, such that one is able to complete tasks in an ethical way.

My Call to Action

From this course, I learned the importance of acknowledging and respecting the land I live on. Before, I would often think, “why do I have to reconcile when I’m not even Canadian and my country has been colonized before too?” From the assigned readings and videos for Truth and Reconciliation, I learned more about the significance of land to Indigenous people and the meaning behind them. Now I know that I have a responsibility as someone who is now living in Canada and as a visitor to work towards reconciliation. Although I cannot make physical changes to the traumas Indigenous people bear, I can still educate others who may not know much about the injustices and exclusion the Indigenous people face to this day.