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I would definitely put myself into the category of being a life-long learner, but I don’t believe that this only includes evolving and growing my own knowledge. Being a lifelong learner means that I also help contribute to others’ learning and understanding of the world around them. Throughout my EDTC 300 journey, I have worked hard to contribute to others’ learning as much as possible! I hope you’re excited to read through and see these contributions in this blog post solely dedicated to them.


I won’t lie, in my first blog post about Twitter, I explained my thoughts on this social media platform. For the majority of my life, I had no desire to be a part of the community, but this class has most definitely changed my mind. This was where I found that I was most active, at first it was because Katia told us we had to for a good grade, but somewhere along the line I found myself genuinely enjoying posting to Twitter.

A quick overview of my Twitter (This is my first time using Loom for a screen-recording, so that’s pretty neat!)

Throughout posting on my Twitter journey, I think I have definitely shared some extremely useful and valuable resources for the other students in this class and everyone else in the Twitterverse! I also commented on other classmates’ posts which you can see below!

Comments on others’ posts!

Check out this Google Slide for all of my favourite comments in one easy-to-access space.

Participation in EdChats

Another part of Twitter that Katia shared with us was #SaskEdChat which is such a cool interactive way to connect and expand my PLN! Here are some of my contributions from participating:

Through these experiences, I was actually able to connect with quite a few other educators, and I look forward to participating in more chats in the future!


Another part of our course was a community chat on Discord! I thought that this was a super fun way to interact with other classmates and to help each other learn and grow. Here are a few examples of how I was able to help out some of the other students in the class!

Blog Comments

Lastly, I worked hard to keep up with my fellow classmate’s posts and comment on as many as I could! I found it so inspiring to go through their learning projects, and have even decided to try out a few of the skills over the summer. I will most definitely be using their blog posts as a reference for learning because they were SO well done. I also found that reading through the responses to the prompts was very interesting. I love to see how others view certain topics, and I’m always interested in seeing how others choose to respond to them. Here are some examples of a few of my comments throughout this spring semester:

The opportunities that this class presented to grow (and now continue growing) my personal learning network is so valuable! I had the chance to not only connect with the other educators in this class, but with professionals from varying places. Although I had some hesitations at the start of this class about using Twitter and blogging, I genuinely enjoyed the experience, and I am so excited to continue growing my PLN!

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