I Believe …

I believe we learn from discussion.

I believe that the classroom should be based on student-led learning.

I believe that students deserve to learn in a safe and caring environment.

I believe that all students have the right to be treated equitably.

I believe that an active learning environment is more beneficial than a passive one.

I believe that teachers should teach for the student- not the subject.

I believe that a classroom should be a community environment.

I believe in hands-on learning.

I believe that teachers have a responsibility to push their students to challenge the typical norms in society.

I believe that teachers should help facilitate learning by acting as a guide for students.

I believe that incorporating students’ interests and real-life events should be used to enhance the learning environment.

I believe that schools should be a safe place for everyone.

I believe that every child deserves to succeed.

I believe that learning and teaching reconciliation in all classrooms is a necessity.

I believe in Inclusive Education.

I believe in making a difference in every child’s life.