Summary of Learning: EC&I 830 Contemporary Issues in EdTech

Summary of Learning: EC&I 830 Contemporary Issues in EdTech

Welcome to my summary of learning. This is the first EdTech class I have ever taken, and it felt important to me that I take it. I teach middle years students and we use technology regularly in the classroom, and because of that I’d like to make sure that we are using it appropriately and effectively for learning. I also recognize that the world is swiftly moving into a technological age, and as a teacher, this is something that I would like to help my students be prepared for.  Please take a moment to watch the video below for a summary of the topics covered, and my subsequent learning from this class.

After taking this class I have a greater sense of curiosity and accomplishment when it comes to technology. Throughout the course I have been given plenty of food for thought, and ideas for new directions to take with technology for both myself and my students moving forward. I have learned how to blog, podcast and make videos, which I can now incorporate into my lesson delivery, as well as pass on to my students. The insights I have gained will help me to embrace technology more excitedly and  purposefully in my teaching. I can now move farther down the continuum of EdTech from digital citizenship and online safety, to exploring different technologies with my students like 3D design and printing, robotics, coding and Digital Leadership. We can also examine what the future holds for technology, how it can benefit society, and examine technology based skills and careers.

Maarsii for joining me on my summary of learning for EC&I 830.

2 thoughts on “Summary of Learning: EC&I 830 Contemporary Issues in EdTech

  1. Thanks for the great summary Jessica. I enjoyed hearing all of the main points for and against each topic. I also loved the animations during the video. Next steps for me if I ever do another one again.

  2. Jessica great job on your first summary of learning. This is my third EdTech course and each time again I knowledge and confidence in using technology in my classroom. These courses are very beneficial and relevant in our ever changing and emerging technology in our world. Best wishes on your last course this summer!

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