ECI834 Final Course Prototype Submission

ECI834 Final Course Prototype Submission

We made it folks! Based on conversations in small groups during class, I don’t think I’m the only one who is a little awestruck that this day has finally come. Don’t get me wrong; this isn’t to say that I’m glad this course is (almost) over or that it was painful to endure (well… maybe a little but in the thick of H5P creation and total reconstruction of initial course plans). What I mean is that it was a challenge to create a course from scratch! But because of this, I consider this to be the most valuable course I’ve taken as part of my Ed. Tech. certificate program. It pushed me in ways the other courses didn’t and ultimately taught me valuable skills I will undoubtedly use in my future educational endeavors.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the course I created:

  • It is a blended, asynchronous course for grade 7 mathematics
  • The course topic is fractions, decimals and percent
  • It spans over roughly 2 months
  • It intends to function as a fully online course for students completing it at home and/or as review material for students who are present for face-to-face instruction
  • It is an inquiry based math course involving a less-traditional approach (think more journaling and less drill and practice)

Here are links to relevant documents:

This blog post from March 19th is an accurate representation of the overall creation process of my course. As I mention in my post, the peer reviews were an invaluable opportunity to have fresh sets of eyes view the course and give honest, constructive feedback. I didn’t quite expect to changeĀ so much of my course after the peer reviews, but after reading the feedback and suggestions and tweaking this and that, things just kind of snowballed and my course got a pretty significant makeover.

Here is a link to the final walkthrough of my course:

And here are separate links to my LUMI instructional videos as well as an example “Journal About Math” video I created as an exemplar for students:

Thank you to Katia and classmates for making this course what it was. All the best to you all!

3 thoughts on “ECI834 Final Course Prototype Submission

  1. Christina,
    As a middle-year teacher, I found your course prototype to be extremely teacher-friendly and well-organized, and a course I feel confident in utilizing today. I appreciated your lesson guides in each module to allow students to stay on track if not present in your classroom. Specifically, your inquiry task, starting with a video featuring you, provides that personalized and interactive touch. Lots of hard work on display! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Your Lumi and JAM videos are great! It’s definitely not what I’m used to (I’m old school obviously), but I can see how this would appeal to the age group that you teach. The content is very clear and easy to follow – and easy to repeat anything that was missed or needs more practice. I like that it’s intended for fully online students, or extra practice for those who are already in face-to-face classes. Lots of in-person students would likely benefit from the extra support, and seeing the course content in a different way. Asking the students to reflect on what they have learned, and how they feel about the topic, is a great way to reinforce what they’re learning and keep tabs on what difficulties they may be having. Canvas seems to be a popular choice – everything is laid out really well. Definitely appreciated seeing discussion etiquette guidelines, which will be very important for online learning. Great job!

  3. Hi, I really appreciate your work. The content that you have shared, lumi video very interactive, layout is clear and well managed. Guidelines are clear. well done!

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