ECI 834 Summary of Learning

ECI 834 Summary of Learning

Thus concludes the pursuit of my Educational Technology and Media Masters Certificate. Thank you Katia and classmates and best of luck to you on your future endeavors. Special congrats to those who are done their degree! Cheers!


3 thoughts on “ECI 834 Summary of Learning

  1. Great video! And congratulations on finishing your certificate – it’s time to celebrate! Your memes made me laugh, and I could certainly relate to most of them. I was also very surprised at how much work was involved in making something that is high quality and accessible. The more I learned, the more I realized my past efforts at online training were not that great! (But I’ve never actually learned how to teach before, or how to design material, so I’m trying to give myself a little grace). Submitting for peer reviews was a little nerve-wracking to me as well, but unnecessarily. Everyone has been so supportive – and I feel better about eventually using the final product after others have provided input. You should too! “Keep it simple” was a motto I eventually developed as well – just because it’s online, doesn’t mean it needs to use ALL of the tech and be super flashy. Definitely need to keep the audience and accessibility in mind. Excellent work!

  2. I absolutely loved your video, Christina. I was (real life) lol’ing during it. What a creative idea to connect your experiences this semester to popular memes. So well done. I shared many of your sentiments throughout. Thanks! Also congratulations on finishing your certificate!

  3. Kudos to you for completing the masters. Your video is really amazing and full of humor. Welldone!

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