About Me

Hi everyone,

This is Rahima, an educator, a bookworm, mom of an angel and a homemaker.

I have been teaching Economics, Accounting, Management and History since 2011 back in my country. Regarded by peers and mentors as an Educator who is committed to excellence in this field, as demonstrated by outstanding academic achievement. Been guiding the students as their career guidance counselor from 2015 and successfully helped students to find best universities for them with scholarships. I do play the teacher trainer role focusing on curriculum and assessment.

Jean Paul Sartre, the French philosopher, claimed ‘Existence precedes essence’. Sartre meant that people are born and must define themselves through personal choices. This is my philosophy too.

While teaching I follow Existentialism and Progressivism– the students’ interests and personal growth are important. Learners should be active and learn to solve problems by reflecting upon experiences.