Developing Digital Footprint—Teacher’s responsibility or NOT???

Last Tuesday it was me and Jessica( now my good friend thanx to this debate) vs JR and Laura and we were debating on this controversial topic “Educators and schools have a responsibility to help students develop a digital footprint”. Me and Jess were opposing the topic. Trust me both of us ended with this topic as we both were late to pick a topic. And we both new going against this topic means ultimate loss.

The more we started digging and tried to save our face we started to realize actually it should not be teachers responsibility you know! We teachers already have way too much on our plate, we are already tired and burn out and taking blames for the bad results of the students! On top of that having extra burden of getting sued by parents for helping their kids for whatever they post in the internet! I do not want that!

Yes I understand we can guide our kids on what is right and what is wrong, helping them to be a good human being, a responsible citizen, they will eventually create positive footprint I am sure of that. And that is exactly what one of Jess’s students believe!

Well the debate went well I would say…. Me and Jess have thoroughly enjoyed. We  have lost but I would say it was a win as we have managed to pull a good percentage from the pre-vote to our side. And line from Dr. Alec that ‘Mic Dropped’ after our closing argument has really made our day!!!!

Education…with or without Teachnology

In our last EC & I 830 class we had one incredible debate on the topic “Technology in the classroom enhances learning”. The topic itself is self describing and to be honest by looking at the topic you could agree or disagree right away.

I myself was agreed with the topic 100% you know, cause without technology in the classroom what is the point of even having this Educational Technology class in the first lace right?

The debate was between Will & Mike vs. Janeen & Catrina and both the teams did amazing job. Will and Mike was for the topic and they presented themselves in such a good way that there was not one single second that I was bored or distracted, not to mention they use technology in their debate 🙂 Just have a look at their opening video!

Then it was Janeen and Catrina’s turn. OMG the way they have turned the show what should I say! The points, the execution just WOW! For a moment even I was about to believe that Yes! No technology is needed in the classroom! But then again I realised I have joined the class through laptop and wifi, creating my vlogs on devices, living my life on technology… So my vote remains for the argument.


I wonder will we ever be without technology anymore!!!


The need of ChatGPT….. Do we really need it???

I have came to know about ChatGPT recently. Well I was amazed. Coming from a third world country where we learn everything later, get everything mostly second hand, ChatGPT was kind of interesting. When I found out about it all I was thinking how many night’s sleep I have wasted working on lesson plan, if we had ChatGPT back in 2015 above my life would have been a piece of cheese cake (well my favorite kind). Then I was thinking I wish we had this ChatGPT back in my University days while I was doing my Honors degree back in 2008 and above…. I was trying to countdown how many evenings I have wasted studying, doing assignments and research work!!!

Then I started to thinking again why did not someone invented this amazing ChatGPT when I was in school!! The hundreds and thousand words essays, assignments, projects and what not…Could have been soo many days partying with friends and could have stress free life!!!

Then reality struck me! Now if school students start to turn in their essays? What are they gonna end up learning? Are going to even read once whatever Essays or assignments ChatGPT would present in front of them??? In Universities if students are doing everything on this technology are they going to learn something even?

Are we making our future generation smart or lazy?

I know use of technology is always double edged sword. It depends on WHO use it and HOW they use it. We need to make your future generation morally strong, need to have ethical studies or something similar in their courses too. We cannot stop new technology to get invented, this is how we progress right? But we can surely control the use of it.

Well ChatGPT makers are launching tools to detect AI-generated text we are finding the cure of the poison……