Canva-nomics: Mastering the Art of Digital Design, One Laugh at a Time

As the curtains of this class close, it is time to wrap up my learning project. This is not the end of the road for me, but the beginning of endless possibilities with Canva.

For my learning project, I learned canva and dabbled in CHATGPT. First, after sheer curiosity, I discovered I could hook up these two together. I could generate content with CHATGPT, work on it and visualize it with canva. Then Google Docs came along and sealed the union; with Google Docs, I could move content from CHATGPT, edit, auto-save, share and collaborate with others.

Looking at it now, I realize my learning journey wasn’t just about Canva but about learning skills that were helpful in the classroom. Continue reading

Embarking on a Digital Journey: My Sixth Learning Project Dives into the Depths of Google Docs

My sixth learning project would be exploring one for Google’s workspace tool, Google Docs.

It has similar features to Microsoft Word if you are handy with MS Word, you will find this pretty easy to use. Learning this alongside the My Canva project because I had to copy an image from Google Docs.

How to use Google Docs

Create a Google account if you don’t have one yet.

Here is a link on how to do that

If  you have one or have done that already

  • Select Google Docs
  • Create new
  • Name your title
  • Go ahead and do your thing

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Breathe Life into Your Designs: Mastering Canva’s Animation

Welcome back, creative enthusiasts! In my  Canva learning series, I ventured into the design possibilities that Canva offers. Today, I will be stepping up my Canva skills to the next level by diving into a powerful feature that will add a touch of magic to my designs – animation.


Before I  get started, let’s do a quick recap. Canva has been our go-to platform for all things visual design. From crafting invitations to exploring advanced techniques, I have explored the vast toolkit Canva provides. Now, it’s time to unlock the power of animation and bring my designs to life in ways I never imagined. Continue reading

Unleashing Creativity with Canva: From Birthday Invitations to Milestone Achievements

Hey there, creative souls! I recently embarked on a journey of exploration and learning on Canva, a platform that has become my newfound favorite for all things design. With November just around the corner, I decided to put my skills to the test by crafting a special birthday invitation card for my hubby. Armed with Canva’s array of templates and tools, I dove into the digital design world with excitement and enthusiasm. Continue reading

Discovering ChatGPT: A Serendipitous Encounter.

ChatGPT is a chatbot and virtual assistant developed by OpenAI that enables the user to refine and maneuver a conversation to a desired format, style, level of detail, language and length.
ChatGPT, unlike Google or other search engines, was created to mimic human conversations, so it is more like talking to your friend about a topic. I find this tool useful and time-saving because it helps me cut right to the chase and provides a valuable hint to work with
Features of ChatGPT
• Can debug and write computer programs
• Can answer test questions dependent on the text
• Can write poetry and stories. I used it to create a story about a teenage love that went sour because of rivalry. Continue reading

Learning Canva: A Gateway to Creativity

Learning, unlearning, and relearning

I have always fancied beautiful designs on cards I see on the Internet and threw my hats off to the brilliant minds behind them.

Graphic designs are like a perfect summer vacation in the Maldives: blue water, blue skies, yellow sun, beach sand, a symphony of contrasting colours, text, and amazing pictures. Continue reading