Summary of Learning

In the EDTC 300 class, the learning process gave me significant lessons, primarily on educational technology and media. Based on what I have learned, it is necessary to understand what digital identity is and how it could be used in contemporary learning environments to explore new directions in learning. As for tasks like blogging, discussion, and multimedia creation, I understood the importance of the course topic, which focuses on building a responsible and reflexive digital identity. The aspect of the course that shed some light on creating this digital identity was the principle of being a responsible digital citizen backed up by ethical practices in internet use. This information was further made evident in activities such as quizzes and research by Ohler (2011) concerning character education in modern society.

One of the areas of character education in the digital space is cyber safety. Applying Canvas as a learning project is quite enlightening because it presents a tentative experience of an adaptable Learning Management System (LMS). I consolidated knowledge on how to apply technology to enhance education. I also preferred learning through networking, which occurs in forums and on social media platforms with other professionals and students. It was an unstructured way of exchanging information and getting constructive criticisms and feedback on the projects, and hence, it engaged me more with the course. Therefore, the EDTC 300 developed a good understanding of the historical background of educational technology and an insight into the current use and future predictions that enable me to offer a better solution concerning educational technology integration.

Therefore, to offer a broader view of my Field Experience, my last artifact will illustrate the above-explained experiences through live audio demonstration to the audience.