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As they say, teachers should always have their teaching hat on, and the same thing applies for teachers on media. Teachers play an important role with social media as they have a duty to teach active citizenship, and anti-oppressive education to students in and out of the classroom. However I do not think this means teachers have to be always active members of social media, and constantly be positing to different platforms. 

As Katia mentions in her blog post, In online spaces, silence speaks as loudly as words, silence is just as impactful as speaking. This reminds me of the saying ’ if you say nothing to stop it, you are just as involved with the negative impact of the situation as those who started it’. I think this is something that stands to light in meaningful learning experiences that happen around the world, an example recently seen is the Black Lives Matter Protests. Teachers have a responsibility to share anti-oppressive information to education students on important meaningful events, and media is one way of sharing this information. During important educational times if teachers chose to post, they should use their platforms to benefit the learning of others and progress important education. 

However with that being said I do not think teachers should have to use social media platforms to teach about active citizenship and anti-oppressive information. Although it is one great strategy, opinions and thoughts can be misinterpreted and it is only represented of one what is physically there. There are many other ways teachers can educate people and students in times of need, and during important events that will help allow teachers to share their whole thoughts/knowledge in more meaningful ways. Students can be taught how to create positive digital identities, and how to use their voice online, if that is something they choose to do. 

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  1. Good morning Meegan,
    I agree – teachers have a responsibility to model these behaviours and teach about these important issues, be it online or in the classroom. While I think there are some advantages to using social media (such as reaching more people, and showing your students by example how to properly use such platforms), I also agree that there are risks (such as being taken out of context – which can lead to a whole host of other issues). I think this is why it is so important to make sure what we are posting is meaningful, but also easy to understand for those who do not know us to avoid being taken out of context.
    Thanks for sharing!

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