How are School Curricula Developed and Implemented

The Levin article discusses how school curricula are developed and implemented. For the most part,
politics and policy play a large role in how this gets done. Political ideology and lobbying influence play a
big role. Unfortunately, this is not the most ideal way to develop curricula. Although the province
provides the mechanism and structure to implement curricula, the content should be pushed further
down to parents and teachers. These are the people who see what is going on and understand the
expectations and how to get there. Education should not be based on the political flavour of the day.

Treaty Education in Saskatchewan

The document emphasizes how important treaty education is towards building bridges and
understanding between western society and indigenous peoples. It is ignorance that creates hatred and
bigotry. For decades, the educational system has portrayed on view and not included a big part of our
shared history. Although these are “political” additions to the curriculum, it has been the work of the
indigenous people and educators who came up with the outcomes and indicators that will make this
As with anything new, tensions are bound to occur. Racism and stereotyping exists, but it is through
learning and understanding that they can be replaced with compassion and respect.