Critical Teaching Manifesto


My past has dictated my present. I am a former student who hated school. Now I am a current student who has returned to the classroom on the other side of the desk, hoping I am making my student’s classroom experience enjoyable. To help make this happen it is important for me to look at who I am, what I believe, and what I am modeling.


As a 28-year-old, white male, I recognize the privilege I have and the opportunities it has given me!

The position I have in society has allowed me to move throughout the world with little interference from the outside. I recognize that some of my students will not have had the same privilege and therefore come to the classroom with varied life experiences. These experiences shape who my students are, so I need to adapt my teaching to be inclusive of them all.

I promise to create a safe classroom.

Students need to come to school confident that their classroom will be a place where opinions can be expressed without fear or judgement. They need to feel confident that I will make every attempt to stop bullying, hateful speech, and aggression the moment I see it.  

I promise to create relationships with my students.

I believe the relationships I create with my students will create a classroom that is welcoming. I will spend time talking and listening to my student’s opinions, their future plans and goals, and the events of their daily lives. I will encourage them to do the same with me and their fellow classmates.

I promise to continue to grow and learn as teacher.

Learning does not end the minute you leave the classroom. I will continue to grow my knowledge by asking questions and seeking answers from others, including my students. I will create an environment that fosters lifelong learning in us all.



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