EC&I 834

Teagan’s Summary of Learning

Thank you all for a wonderful semester of learning!

Online and blended education were areas I had minimal experience in, prior to this course. I am excited to apply my new learnings from EC& I 834 in my current teaching practice for more authentic tech integration and blended learning options for my students. Here is my Summary of Learning video that I shared in class.

Summary of Learning Video:

Canva slides link (includes links within):

Thanks everyone!

– Teagan

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  • Lauren Bradshaw

    Your Canva slides look amazing! You have given me so many great ideas of how I can use it for my own course going forward – thank you for sharing! How you presented everything was really creative, both visually and how you created links for more information. Creating an engaging and interactive online community was one of my key take-aways as well. It’s something I had given zero thought to, prior to this class. I’m sure it’s even more important when working with young learners. Equity and access were key learnings for me as well. I thought my prior teaching was accessible, but I had so much to learn. And you figured out some great ways to incorporate online learning into your teaching, especially considering the age of your class. Your two modules turned out great. Congratulations!

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