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Here is my final walk-through blog. It was a great journey full of knowledge. At the start of this course, It was a struggle for me to develop an online course at the start of EC&I 834. I had to choose my target student demographic, a course style and toolkit, the course’s content and objectives, the course’s assessment requirements, and basically how the course prototype would be organized overall. I chose Grade 3’s geometrical shape topic from the curriculum as my course prototype. All of the courses and activities in the course that study various types of 2D and 3D shapes will be tied together for the final project. The program will also be related to Saskatchewan’s Grade 3 math standards. Google Classroom will include all lectures and exercises, including tutorial videos that can also be viewed on a YouTube playlist. I made a very interactive video on Lumi. In the beginning, I found it difficult to use the LUMI app. I had never used this kind of online platform before in teaching; even during COVID time, I only taught students through Zoom sessions and Google Slides. It was a great challenge for me to make a video on Lumi but I’ve been motivated by EC&I 834 to work more, learn new skills, and apply them in the real world.I wrote several blog posts that describe various aspects of the creation process You can view them into my blog list.

Lesson plan

My lesson plan is based on Grade 3 Mathematics related to geometrical shapes, which discusses two and three-Dimensional shapes and their vertices and attributes. Here is the link to my lesson plan video.

After attending the class, students will be asked to give answers to the following questions:

  1. what are shapes?
  2. What is the difference between 2D and 3D shapes?
  3. What shapes can you think of that you either see, use, or come across daily?

Throughout the courses, I used a variety of instructional strategies, interactive digital resources, and opportunities for textual and visual learning for the students. I used Google Forms and Kahoot to make a quiz.  I make a presentation on Google Slides to make them understand the concept of geometrical shapes. I also added a worksheet to it. I also tried to incorporate Google Jam boards and quiz activities that would help the students relate their classroom learning to real situations. I used the ADDIE template in this course The ADDIE template was a very helpful tool that really helped me out with the development of my lesson plan. With the help of a template, I planned and organized the course content, assessment tools, and course layout.

There is no doubt that technology makes learning exciting and engaging now that I’ve learned about a range of tools, online and digital resources, and pedagogical components related to online learning environments. An excellent approach for attracting students to interactive learning is through technology. Our classroom doesn’t have to be set up the same way it was in the past because of technology. Technology in education has been the biggest game-changer in teaching that we educators will ever see. So, I believe that technology enhances learning, and realizing this fact was the major takeaway.

The link for my final walkthrough video is here:

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