Who are better drivers? Men or women?## learning project week 4

Who are better drivers? Men or women?## learning project week 4

This week, I have learned loads of driving rules from stopping at stop sign to how to use turn signal!

I also got familiar with speed limits, I was pretty slow especially in highways as I was too cautious avoiding car accident. In Saskatchewan, speed limit is 30 km/hr in school zone which I believe is definitely safe particularly for children during school seasons…exceeding this speed limit will bring you $310 to $570 ticket! lets take a look at speeding penalties as per SGI.

I also got surprised by a variety of speed limits in Saskatoon which is maximum 80km/hr in the absence of signs in urban areas for instance. My instructor told me the only barrier for me is stress, and stress can distract drivers easily. Then we had an interesting discussion about women’s driving. According to my instructor’s experience, female’s trainee tend to be drive safe and more concerned about rules and limits, however men drivers are into driving fast. Moreover, I looked up on Google and I figured out some fascinating information:

As per New york times, male drivers of cars and vans had twice the rate of fatal accidents per mile driven which is scary! Isn’t it?  Additionally, research has been proved that men are 10% less likely to wear seat belts than women while they see themselves better drivers! So what do you think? Who drive better? Joint me to discuss and let me know your opinions! it will be fun.. I’ll promise 😀

3 thoughts on “Who are better drivers? Men or women?## learning project week 4

  1. Tina, this is super interesting! Great research to support your learning project! I personally think it depends on the kind of person you are that makes you the better driver! I identify as a women and think I have a heavy foot at times but does that make me a bad driver? haha who knows! This is such a fun way to get feedback! Good job!

  2. Hi Tina, It is great that you are being so thorough in learning and practicing safe driving. Definitely feeling low stress is important for safe driving!

  3. Hey Tina! I love that you’re including research into your learning project especially from our province! It really puts it into perspective and adds that element of realness when I think about it, because, hey, I could get a ticket too! From personal experience, my mom is a crazy driver, she likes to go fast and has received the most speeding tickets in my household, my dad likes to drive fast but he knows when he needs to tone it down. I also love the fact that you’re learning to drive, that’s amazing! Keep up the good work!

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