Steps to driving a car for the first time! # Learning project: Week 3

Steps to driving a car for the first time! # Learning project: Week 3

Hello… Hello everyone… I woke up yesterday feeling pretty excited as I was going to drive an automatic car for the first time… To be perfectly honest, at first, I was feeling butterflies in my stomach as I had no clue what it is expecting for me! Before then, I used to have many coaches and most of them were fairly impatient in teaching and drove me crazy during driving! At first impression, Mr.Zahed did not look very kind but after that when he let me drive without any stress, I realized how much he is professional at teaching new learners!

What did I learn first day of driving?

How to control gas and pedal was my initial lesson. Gas is always on the right and brake is on the left position and it was obvious makes the car go and which makes it stop! Working with only the right foot gives the driver more control. I was told I am not allowed to use my left leg unless it was necessary! I got scared of driving when I first started especially on two-lane streets, although after a while, practicing made me more feel released. Undoubtedly, the role of my coach should be ignored at all as he was encouraging me all the time to be relaxed and enjoy driving! 

Challenges will learn you more than thought!

  • I sometimes pressed too late on the pedals and sometimes I pressed the wrong one!
  • Keeping constant speed was another difficulty especially when I was turning!
  • Being too cautious and watchful in the face of hazard!

A few certain things about my first experience!

  •  Always focused on my instructor’s advice
  • Careful about pedestrians and other drivers
  • Quick learner as per my instructor
  • Being confident in my own abilities

Driving is not a dream!

Dreams can happen if you move forward! Thank you for EDTC300 which made me fulfill my dream! The way you are moving a vehicle might be brilliant for everyone who wants more excitement in their life! Here you can find some hottest adventures to try!

but you should be always careful about safety as per SGI, The chance of being killed in a collision at 80 km/h is 2 times higher than if you were traveling at 64 km/h. Moreover, By reducing your speed, you give yourself more ways to find an alternative course of action and more time to react to avoid a potential collision. Even driving 10 km/h slower can make the difference between a close call and a fatal collision.

2 thoughts on “Steps to driving a car for the first time! # Learning project: Week 3

  1. Way to go! That is an awesome learning project and one that will give you lifelong benefits! I really appreciated the bullet points of the things you did well and things you need to work on! Great Job!

  2. Really good job! As you pointed out being focused and confident is key to being a good and safe driver. I really liked the saying “Don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly”. I will definitely keep that in mind next time I drive fast. Great Improvement!

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