Written test in SGI!# learning project week 5

Written test in SGI!# learning project week 5

This week was completely different! I had to prepare myself for a written test or knowledge test which is valid for one year! Needless to say that written test is based on the information of Saskatchewan driver’s handbook , next, I booked an appointment and prepaid online to be accepted in the exam. This test consists of two parts: driving rules and sign identifications. There is 40 questions and you’ll be required to score a minimum of 32 out of 40 questions to pass!

You are also entitled to rewrite a test per day if you failed which was really helpful for those who have stress during examinations. I went to the SGI center which was located downtown in Saskatoon. I was waiting for an hour waiting in line which meanwhile allowed me to practice some more tests and rectify some of my mistakes!

Furthermore, I took a vision test to detect any eventual visual difficulties. I am wearing glasses which means my drivers license will be valid only when I am wearing  glasses! No need to mention that Some classes of license require a medical examination. Here you can test your distant vision online which does not have a medical value. Be informed that only your optometrist can give you a proper diagnosis.

In the end, I was guided to take a computer  based test which was quite straightforward as I studied enough to pass at the first time within a good score which moved me forward through achieving a driver’s license. Now I have to get myself ready for the road test which must be challenging!

A hilarious Thing happened during the test!

The guy next to me opened up questions and picked up his things right away and walked out without answering questions!

2 thoughts on “Written test in SGI!# learning project week 5

  1. I love how you integrated the writing with lots of images, It made this post very easy to read. My favourite part is your ending! Love that! Congrats on passing your test!

  2. Great post! It can be very intimidating going and writing the written exam, but it isn’t that bad. Once you sit down and start writing it feels like a breeze! Congrats on passing and what a funny story at the end!

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