Welcome to week 7! This week I attempted to park my vehicle between two cars as it will be a big part of Road test in Saskatchewan! This is a must-know skill for every driver to know parking spots. Before then I asked my friends about their experience and they all told me it is easy as a piece of cake! Although to be perfectly honest , it was a real challenge for me particularly in angle positions!

City crew put up signage in the parking lot at the corner of North George and Liberty St Wednesday morning.

Finding parking space: firstly my instructor found a large enough space to make sure we are not situated too close to other cars. There are three main types of parking spaces as per SGI:

  • Angle Parking
  • Parallel Parking
  • Perpendicular Parking

Angle parking, to me, was really challenging as I was fairly slow to steer sharply and almost forgot to check both my sides. According to my instructor, aligning my wheels before parking would be the best technique to avoid hitting the vehicle on either side.

Parking straight or Perpendicular Parking is quite important which can be seen in shopping malls. Adjusting position is the most part of PARKING STRENGTH. New drivers , must  look around to check parking signs whether there is additional fee or not!

At last, Parallel parking was absolutely fun, as I was pretty good at positioning my car straight and watching pedestrians. Observing mirrors and double checking the rear window are both vital before reversing to the proper spot.

Mistakes can teach you more! Don’t you think?

Parking in a disabled parking area!

parking too close to another vehicle!

Forgetting to turn on signals!

How was your first experience through parking? did you like it ? what were your mistakes ? Please get me back with your thoughts and feedbacks.

One thought on “CAR PARKING# WEEK 6

  1. I love how detailed your post is on what the different kinds of parks are!
    I believe that you are right, we learn more from our mistakes than any textbook or theory can teach us!
    Parallel parking still stresses me out and I have been driving and parking for 20 years!! I honestly avoid it at all costs!

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