All good things must come to an end – Summary of Learning to wrap up an insightful semester!🥳

This semester has just flown by and it is hard to believe our journey in EC&I 830 is coming to an end. With the conclusion of my second Ed Tech class in my graduate program, I am excited to see how this newly acquired information will guide me in my teaching. I am always impressed with the new information I acquire in each one of my graduate courses and EC&I 830 did not disappoint in encouraging me to think outside of the box when considering the variety of educational technology available to educators and furthermore, pushing me outside of my comfort zone when being asked to consider the new technology that is continuously being released onto the market. More importantly, I am leaving this course with a spark being ignited that is asking me to question what new technology I am willing to bring into my classroom in the future and what rewards my students will reap from my newfound knowledge.


I decided to set up a virtual classroom to share my Summary of Learning with everyone. I started playing around with the concept of a virtual classroom during the pandemic and have recently become interested in setting them up again to help enhance my students’ learning. To get started, please “start the slideshow”. Afterwards, locate my Bitmoji on each slide and click on it. Once you have clicked on my Bitmoji, you will be redirected to a video presentation. Once you reach Slide 7, there will be slides for each of the six debates covered in class along with links to the resources provided by the participants; click on laptop icons for videos and click on notebooks icons for reading materials.


Thank you to Alec and all of my classmates that have helped me to better understand various contemporary issues pertaining to educational technology through our debates as well as inspiring me to consider what I view my role as an educator to be when introducing the concept of technology to my students. Throughout our numerous discussions in class, I was able to gain perspective as to what I consider my role to be when bringing technology into the classroom. I leave this class not knowing everything there is to know about technology and the best practices to undertake when integrating technology in the classroom, but I have a better understanding of why I choose to use technology to enhance my teaching and I can value the contributions technology can make to our profession. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope that our paths will cross again in the future!




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