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Summary of learning!!!!

Throughout the duration of this semester in EC&I 833 – Foundations of Educational Technology: History, Theory, and Practice, the collaborative impact of our class community has played a pivotal role in molding and enhancing my understanding of the various topics examined within the course curriculum.As I gear up to present my “Summary of Learning” on my blog, a surge of anticipation courses through me, igniting my curiosity about the myriad paths my tech journey could traverse in the days that lie ahead. The prospect of exploring new horizons and embracing fresh challenges fills me with a sense of exhilaration and wonder.I still have lots to learn when it comes to this technology.I learned a great deal of insightful information about educational technology from this program! The origins of educational technology, it turns out, go well beyond my wistful recollections of my favorite elementary school days spent with the TV Cart. I thought it was really insightful that we discussed the development of educational technology throughout history as well as current trends.

For my Summary of Learning, I’ve opted to craft a narrative that illustrates several pivotal insights and viewpoints I’ve acquired during this course.

Here is the link of my summary of Learning

I am filled with gratitude as I reflect on this remarkable semester. It marks my second course with “Katia” and my second venture into the realm of educational technology. In this video, I aim to present my Summary of Learning. Throughout this semester, the everyone have contributed numerous insightful points, and each presentation has been executed with brilliance. Engaging in classroom discussions has been immensely beneficial, allowing me to glean valuable knowledge that I’ve been able to apply in my daily life. Over the course, I’ve delved into learning theories, online education, the integration of audiovisual aids in teaching and learning, assistive technology, and coding in the classroom. I extend my heartfelt thanks to all who have participated this semester; it has truly been a joyous and fulfilling experience.here is the link for my summary of Leaning.I’m genuinely enthusiastic about hearing your thoughts and perspectives on this matter. Your input is invaluable to me. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each of you for being an integral part of my learning journey. Your contributions have enriched my understanding and expanded my horizons. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to continue learning and growing together in future classes.

Suruchi Verma



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