Module Feedback

For the feedback on my course module, I received an overwhelming amount of positive comments both in our small group session and peer evaluation. It is refreshing to have an outside perspective view your work and applaud the time and effort that is put into the logistics of a blended classroom environment. Areas for consideration and improvement come down to the technical side of things. One of my reviewers had trouble accessing my instructional video as the link was broken. I usually don’t double check my links so this was a good reminder that I need to view my site as a student and make sure everything is in order. Another technicality that I may have overlooked is the drop-down menu. It may be more convenient if those tabes were out and visible rather than hidden. This is something I would like to check in with my students about. I have never asked them for feedback on how they navigate their learning. 

After reading through the Technological Equity and Accessibility For Virtual and Hybrid Learning article I realized that my communication on announcements and due dates may be a bit conflicting for my students. I use Google Sites to house the majority of their modules and Google Classroom is used as a navigation tool. Sometimes I embed assignments between the two platforms and that is probably confusing for students. Another area that I will focus on in my upcoming modules is video captions. I have not considered this to be an issue in the past because all students use headphones to listen and view the videos. However, there have been times when students forget their headphones and need to leave the room to listen to the audio. If I can ensure my videos have clear captions, then I will be able to accommodate those students who don’t have headphones.

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