Summary of Learning

Thank you, everyone!

It has been a great semester learning with you all. Your feedback, discussions, and great ideas have made this learning journey fun, fulfilling, and a positive experience all around.

Here is the link to my Summary of Learning video!

One thought on “Summary of Learning

  1. Amber, you have great video-making skills! I really enjoyed your summary. I was similar to you, in that the importance of collaboration was a big takeaway from the class. I really hadn’t even considered this when first thinking about my online course development (nor in any previous safety training that I provided). I see it as being so important now. I’m also continually impressed with what Google Classroom can do – thank you again for giving me a preview of your course earlier this semester, it was much appreciated! And very well done, even then. Like you, humanizing the course was also a big takeaway. Again, not something I thought was important for online courses initially. AI thoughts were also similar to yours – I was worried about cheating, and my job! But it can be a great tool, and I love to hear that you’ve already tried using it. Teaching kids the responsible use will be so important. Your statement “don’t just incorporate tech to say I did” also resonated with me. My goal at first seemed to be to implement as much variety as possible, but now I see drawbacks in terms of equity, accessibility, privacy, and data security. Balance is key. Well done!

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