Amy’s Grade 5 Math Course Profile

Below is a slideshow I have created to share my course profile. Within each area of my course profile, I have included my rationale as to why I have developed the course the way that I have. I have created this course with the intent that it is a course framework I would use throughout an entire school year within a grade 5 math classroom. This presentation contains several links to different websites which can be opened by right clicking on the links in the slideshow below. The slideshow can also be found at this link.


3 thoughts on “Amy’s Grade 5 Math Course Profile

  1. Very thorough course profile. The presentation itself is also well done. I am just wondering why you chose to focus on two different outcomes instead of 2 modules for one?

  2. Thank you for the thoughtful question, Brittney.
    I chose two different outcomes to focus on for my lessons in this course as these are both lessons where I would like to build my resource ‘tool kit’ for teaching these concepts in the future. My intent is to eventually build two units, one for each outcome, that I will be able use in my own teaching.

  3. I absolutely love the slideshow presentation that you created for this course profile. It is so cute and organized. It looks like a beautiful product of Canva potentially. I like that you will be supplementing other math and learning platforms alongside Google classroom as well. There are so many different types of digital resources for math now!

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