Is A Star Fish Equivalent to a Sea Star?

Here it is! The first course module for my grade 5 math course prototype. This is an introductory module focused on creating equivalent fractions. The lesson for this module is on creating equivalent fractions. There is a mini lesson for students to view, followed by an assignment to complete from their math textbooks. Following the assignment, student understanding is formatively assessed through the creation of a 1 minute reflection in their Flip Video Math Journal, and then an Edpuzzle exit ticket.

If you would like to try to join my Google Classroom to have a look, the join code is: l5bcal4 I have also done a video walk through of my course module, just in case you’re not able to access my Google Classroom. This is the link to the Daily Board that I mention in my video walk through. If you would like to take a closer look at the different learning tasks I’ve included in this module, you will be able to do so through the Daily Board.

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